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Industrial hoses, agriculture, animal husbandry, gardening, waste management, LPG, We produce hundreds of types of PVC and Polyurethane hoses used in the automotive, machinery, maritime, construction, woodworking, domestic needs, health and food sectors.

Our Key Features

As Aksay Plastik, we believe that high quality value is only possible with consistency and sustainability at every step.

For this reason, we approach every stage of the services we offer, with great care.

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Leading the Industry Since 2003

Aksay Plastik, a PVC and TPU hose manufacturer based in Turkey, exports to more than 50 countries today. Since 2003, Aksay Plastik has become one of the leading PVC & TPU manufacturers in Turkey with its reliable service and support to its customers.


With its innovative and high quality-oriented approach, Aksay Plastik has significantly expanded its product range and offers its customers high-tech, customized PVC & TPU hoses. While mainly serving European and American countries, Aksay Plastik is able to meet the unique demands and requests of its customers all over the world with a flexible and effective approach.


In addition , Aksay Plastik prioritizes delivering dependable and sustainable services. Ensuring a secure environment for customers to explore new projects and innovations with expert support is also among our foremost objectives.


All of the hoses we sell are our own production.

We have more than 20 years of sector We are one of the leading companies/producers in this sector in Turkey.

Our brands are known in the sector for many years and their quality has been Products with these brands are both easy to market and provide a competitive advantage However, when our customers want to produce for their own brands, we can produce products with the desired features, branding and packaging.

We are one of the companies with the most quality certificates and certificates in the sector (only our company has certificates in Turkey). You can access all our certificates from the relevant section of our


We offer innovative product solutions for sustainable progress and work to increase productivity with our professional team.

Serving since 2003, Aksay Plastik has become one of Turkey’s leading PVC & TPU manufacturers in a short time with the reliable service and support it offers to its customers.


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